This website was inspired by all the people over the years who have said to me, “I’d like to be vegan, but what do I eat? It seems so hard.”

So, this is my answer: “It’s Easy To Be Vegan!” You just need to know what to substitute for the animal products. It’s easy when you have delicious vegan recipes of familiar foods like pancakes, muffins, lasagna. Having essential staples onhand makes it even easier!

I don’t intend for this website to be simply another recipe book. I wish to teach you how to become an innovative vegan chef in your own right – how to go beyond these recipes and create new delectable dishes. I will teach you how to “veganize” any recipe and make it delicious!

Think of this website as “YOUR VEGAN HANDBOOK,” answering not only cooking questions, but how to eat in restaurants, tips on being a vegan traveler, and how to raise vegan kids.

When you realize that “IT’S (so) EASY TO BE VEGAN” and you truly commit to this way of eating, you will have made a decision of immense personal and global importance, positively affecting your own physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, as well as that of the entire planet.